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My first job was in fast food…and it taught me a lot.

My first job was working in a fast food restaurant. I was still just 14. Legally I wasn’t even supposed to work there. My older brother was 18 and a manager so he got me the job. At 14 I … Continue reading

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Like most, I used to be really scared to speak in front of other people. I still am at times but most of the nerves have gone away. I think the key, and you may have heard this before, is … Continue reading

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Agile / Scrum and Infrastructure

It’s well known in the IT industry that companies just do not take an Agile / Scrum approach to the infrastructure organization. After all, those methodologies were written for software development, right! Well, yes, but if you’ve read any general … Continue reading

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Just do it…even if it’s not right

One of my business pet peeves is not doing something when something needs to be done. There is a well known quote attributed to Einstein that reads: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and … Continue reading

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The better elevator

I’ve never seen an improved elevator. I’ve seen improved cars, trains, and planes. Never elevators though. You would think that there would be more to elevators today than simply up, down, and selecting buttons. What does this have to do … Continue reading

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The Shortest Distance

“All complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked.” – John Gall; Gall’s Law We’re always looking for ways to get better and faster at what we do. I was thinking the other day about how in Geometry … Continue reading

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Priority Consideration Table

It can be difficult when trying to determine which project should get priority over another. If left up to business leaders, they would all get priority. I’ve actually seen instances where different business units could not come to an agreement … Continue reading

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