Team Health Check

This is an idea that leaders can use to gauge the overall health of a team. This should NOT be used in a negative way such as comparing one team to another or making a team feel bad for having a lower status. The point should be that if a team rates themselves low then we must ask why. Here is a very simple graph that can track this metric:


The team should rate themselves and no one else. If a team is in the red we should start asking questions. Why did they rate themselves as red? What can we do as servant-leaders to improve their status? They should put reasons next to why they rated themselves a certain way.

Strategy: This is a drawing that can be made on a marker board or a stick and peel easel pad. It can then be placed into an area that the team often frequents such as the daily stand up. Let the team choose their health status and the reasons why. Use real sticky notes as shown above. There should be consensus from the entire team when going from one status color to another. This can be used for both scrum and silo’d teams alike.

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