Nerf Wars!


I was recently taking  a training class across town. During the class the instructor said, “Oh, at about three o’clock the room next to us will have a nerf gun war. So, sorry if they get loud.”

Most of us in the room looked at each like “what?”. Well, right at three o’clock, not only did we hear the nerf gun war but we saw nerf bullets flying by as well.

I have to be honest, this put a smile on my face. What a cool and fun way to let off some steam! I could tell this place was all about fun because they also had a ping pong table in the middle of the floor with plenty of balls and paddles as well as snacks and soft drinks freely available.

Boosting morale is something that companies should have high on their to do list. Happy employees should be a top goal – and is something that gets pushed aside due to “business as usual.” It’s not always expensive and difficult to achieve this. It may just take a few toy guns and a few minutes each day.

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